Equanto – Multipurpose Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

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Equanto WordPress theme is suited for any type of business, corporate, consulting, freelance, web designer, developers, marketing, startup, blog, magazine, portfolio, photography, architect, artist, music, restaurant, electric, loan offer, charity agency, sitter, moving company, barber, health, book, plumber, art agency, interior design, event, developer, car rental, car repair, band, gym, hosting company, travel agency, real estate company, photographer, renovator, small business company, lifestyle, hotel, mechanic, lawyer, school, fashion, e-commerce shop, and much more in future, etc..

This lightweight, responsive and customizable theme is an all-purpose solution for different types of businesses. Thanks to responsive nature and valid, semantic coding, users will be able to view your site on handheld devices in a matter of seconds. Advanced admin panel and rich UI kit open a wide range of opportunities and you can tweak this theme to have a unique look and feel.

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